My human and I have released a new juicy story for y’all.
Witchcraft is now live exclusively on Amazon and is free from Thursday through Saturday.


It’s Samhain and Odessa’s 30th birthday. A perfect excuse for Roger Rohde to show up unannounced at her front door. He convinces her to go out for some birthday / Halloween shenanigans that leave her feeling more tricked than treated.

Luckily, her beloved Graham saves her birthday by whisking Odessa away for a private celebration. A stormy weekend at sea, just the two of them along on a small boat in the Gulf of Mexico.

Odessa’s witchy powers come into play when she is gifted a powerful black obsidian pendant that forces her to confront her intense feelings for both Roger and Graham.

Now back to me:

To put you in the mood I recommend you take a listen to Frank Sinatra’s wonderful song – Witchcraft. We listened to it several times while I told Jez this story. Roger, as you know if you’ve read my other stories, had quite the singing voice. He loved to serenade me with this particular tune.



This pretty flower is Echinacea. Roger gave me a pot of these gorgeous pink flowers for my 30th birthday. Echinacea is a wonderful herb and one of its many uses is a treatment for rattlesnake bites. We found that quite amusing. I guess Roger didn’t want to take any chances on having a bad run in with my favorite snakeys.


Black obsidian also plays a crucial role in this story. This is an extremely powerful stone and has to be handled with great care as it is known for bringing deeply seated emotional truths to the surface. Jez keeps a couple of these stones on her desk as work. We recommend Healing Crystals if you would like to learn more about Black obsidian.


Pink spodumene is another stone from our story. It is a kunzite and form of lithium quartz. It’s a really good stone for dealing with female issues and is said to enhance fertility. This is a stone with a high energy vibration and works with the heart chakra. You can find out a lot more about pink spodumene at Healing Crystals. We do so love that site and order from them regularly. We can’t recommend them highly enough.

Any hoo, I hope you will enjoy reading Witchcraft. I maybe a bit partial, but I think it turned out quite nicely.


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