Mirror, mirror on the wall…



Who’s the biggest and baddest witch of all? Tis I, Spirit Guide Odessa.

First things first, go take a look at this amber e creature’s reviews on Amazon – Warning Cunt Alert!

Now that you are back and you’ve stopped giggling over her ignorance and stupidity with the 1 star bashing of Indie authors, where ever shall I begin.

How about with her attack of mine and Jezebel Jorge’s latest release, Witchcraft?

According to amber e –

“It’s horribly written. This author desperately needs a spellcheck and a good editor. Also, as if every page having more than one spelling or word use error, this author is going to try to pretend to know about Wicca or witchcraft? They think citrine is blue. When using the word citrine for a color it is yellow. Basic gemstone knowledge would be best If you’re seriously tempting to write about magick, uses of crystals and gems etc frown

I don’t recommend this nor other books by the author. Personally I couldn’t handle the massive errors that are third grade level things an author should know and the improper knowledge of the subject is unacceptable. Learn and research before you attempt to write about magick or religion and use a dictionary, spellcheck and an editor!”

Dearest amber e,

Don’t you ever, and I do mean fucking ever, attack my human. I triple dare you to point out one fucking spelling error in that book. The 3 word usage slip ups have been corrected. 3 errors out of 24K word does not constitute “more than one spelling or word use error”. Not only is she a troll, she also doesn’t know basic math.

Darling, if you are going to be the grammar police, I seriously suggest you clean up your own grammar riddled reviews.

“tempting to write” – Did you mean to say, attempting? Does our grammar diva not know the difference between tempting and attempting? How about “spellcheck”? I believe that would be written as, spell check. She has more errors in two paragraphs than anyone can find in our whole entire book.

As for the usage of citrine, Jez and I went back and forth with this word. She told me it was yellow. I told her that oftentimes when I look into Roger’s eyes I see them as citrine blue. That happens to mean blue streaked with yellow. The story is told from my point of view. If I want to say that Roger’s eyes are citrine blue, that is my opinion and my right. Maybe I just happen to see colors just a little more vividly that others. To avoid future confusion I have allowed Jezebel to change the word to cerulean on the latest update of the file. I hope that makes you happy, amber e.

“Basic gemstone knowledge would be best If you’re seriously tempting to write about magick, uses of crystals and gems etc frown” – Oopsie, someone skipped a period. I don’t think she’s pregnant since I doubt she’s ever gotten laid. What exactly do you mean when you say, “gems etc frown” Do you have sad gems?

“this author is going to try to pretend to know about Wicca or witchcraft?” There is no pretension in our knowledge of Witchcraft. We’re witches. It’s who we are and the spiritual path we have chosen. There are NO, none, nada, zippo. references to Wicca in any of my stories. I’m not Wiccan. I am a fucking Witch. Big difference there. We don’t bide that silly Rede. We don’t belong to a coven. Nothing against those that do. That’s their right. It’s just not mine and Jezebel’s spiritual choice. Witchcraft is a eclectic practice. There is no right or wrong in how someone makes the craft their own. There’s no fucking universal standard “Bible” on how to practice Witchcraft.

How about giving examples of what you felt was wrong about my practice of the craft?

Want to tell me what I got wrong about the usage of crystals?

If you are going to accuse someone of not being knowledgeable, you had best include examples to prove your point.

Hello? I’m waiting… Miss Coven Priestess amber e, please do share your knowledge of Witchcraft with us.


Spirit Guide Odessa


PS… I suggest you watch out for angry rattlesnakes.




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