Frost Moon



I found this wonderful information in my Llewellyn’s Witches’ Datebook
Today’s Esbat: “Frost” Moon @ 4:23 pm Central
As part of this ritual, take a walk in the November night. Leaves crunch underfoot, grass is sequined with frost, and bare trees look like ebony brushstrokes against the sky. Above this world is the crown jewel, the Frost Moon. Silver, distand, and serene, she represents the unseen realm and intuition. The guardian of the mysteries, she is all-knowing, but reveals little.

We should look inside ourselves to find the answers we are seeking to improve our lives. During your Frost Moon ritual, develop your psychic powers. Light a silver candle. In your ritual space, place the divining tools you like to use, such as the tarot, pendulum, cauldron, or magic mirror. Or you may scry into the flame of the candle you just lit. To help connect with the Unseen Realm speak this charm:

Nature lies barren, the Earth begins to sleep,
Bless me Frost Moon, share the secrets you keep.
Share with me the divine gifts of prophecy,
By card, mirror, smoke and fire, let me “see.”

~James Kambos
Full moon blessings, y’all


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