Fat to Fit


The moment has come… it is time for this crone to admit that I am fat and it’s past time to get down to business and do something about it. My goal is to lose 50 pounds of gunky fat, mostly from around my core. I will preface this by admitting that I was once a certified personal trainer and fitness instructor, I’ve played competitive tennis, and I’ve competed in fitness contests in the 1990’s.

At my last doctor’s visit I topped the scales at 186 lbs. When I competed in fitness I struggled to maintain a weight of 120 lbs and at 5’7″ I really needed to add about 10 pounds of muscle to my frame. At my smallest I was a size 5. The pants I bought at Goodwill the day before my 48th birthday last week were a size 16.

I guess I was getting away with bad eating because up until a little over 3 years ago I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease after several horrible bouts with IBS. That meant that my body wasn’t absorbing the nutrients, and a lot of the calories in the food I was eating. I gave up the gluten and within a year my body started absorbing every calorie I swallowed. The IBS disappeared and I felt great, but I packed on the pounds. No one with a legit reason for going gluten free will EVER lose weight when they change their diet. It just doesn’t happen. Looking back, it’s now obvious that the undiagnosed Celiac disease was the reason I struggled to put on muscle mass while competing in fitness. I was a lean 120 lbs and no matter how hard I tried my stomach was never completely flat and cut due to by body not processing the gluten. It remained sitting there rotting in my gut no matter how much cardio I did. And, I was doing a serious amount of cardio between working on my contest routines, teaching 6-8 classes a week, 30 minutes hardcore cardio on the stairclimber every day, and weight training six days a week.

So, what the hell happened to me? Life, I suppose. I still walk my dog 3 times a day and I don’t eat a lot of fatty food. But, I am an emotional eater. I drink too much alcohol. I like my pizza and gluten free pastas. And, the biggie… Menopause… I happily (other than the wacko hormones thing) attained Crone status a good year and a half ago.

Add to that, I also have a thyroid issue. I take daily medication, but it has been a struggle to get the medications adjusted to a correct level. I also went on estrogen and progesterone back in October. They have helped tremendously with the hot flashes and mood swings and irritability, but so far not so much with the weight.

With that out of the way, stay tuned to learn my plan for reclaiming control of my weight.


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