So far…


The biggest lesson that I can take away from this weight gain is that I have to stop being so judgemental of other people’s weight issues. I never imaged that I would ever weigh this much. My body has been through a lot: sprained ankles, torn ligaments, a broken nose, IBS, colitis, acute fatty liver, hormonal imbalances, thyroid disease, and the biggie of Celiac disease; but despite all that I am in awe of all I have survived.

I will be healthy again. I will rock a little black dress sometime in the near future. I will beat this and come out a better and stronger person.

I know the body issues and snide judgement of others carried over from my past lifetime. Katie struggled with her weight the whole time she studied ballet. She judged others harshly as a way of coping over being too tall and naturally big boned to ever make it as a professional ballerina. She starved herself and still didn’t get the results she desired. It made her angry to see the other girls be able to eat. It wasn’t until she embraced her body and learned to love her curves that she was finally able to enjoy food.

I gave up on both of us when all the health problems that started my weight gain. Not any more. I love myself too much to suffer from not feeling my best.

A little something less heavy I learned is that turmeric is a really awesome thing. It’s not just good for decorating your deviled eggs. If you don’t believe me, just read this: 8 Health Benefits of Tumeric.

Next time we’ll delve into my issues with emotional eating…


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