Hormone Reset Day 2


I love this photo because it so accurately depicts my journey to reclaim my health.

The first four days of the Hormone Reset at giving up meat and alcohol. I became a vegetarian a couple of months ago, so that one is no biggie for me. So, far I am doing good with no alcohol. Just to illustrate how fucked up my metabolism really is. I fasted on Saturday and only had slice of carrot and a spear of asparagus, water, and 8 ounces of kombucha tea. Sunday I had the tea and an all veggie salad with no dressing. Monday I had gained 1/2 a pound. Explain that one for me? Today the 1/2 pound is gone.

I’m mainly just using Sara Goddfreid’s book as a guideline by following the basic principles. This week other than protein shakes, my goal is to eat raw. So far, so good… This is what I am doing:

5 am – thyroid medication and drink bottle of room temperature water on way to work.

6 am – Veggie Fusion protein shake with blueberries and almond milk and then my Alive multi-vitamin.

That shake is 206 calories, 21.5 grams of protein, 16.5 carbs, and 6.7 grams of fat.

8 am – apple followed by Rhodiloa and Phosphatidyl Chlorine supplements.

10 am – Raw Fit chocolate shake with coconut milk

That shake is 235 calories. 38 grams of protein, 14 carbs, and 7.5 grams of fat

12 – grapes, carrot sticks, celery stick, and slice of green pepper followed by Bioten and D3 supplements.

2 pm – second Raw Fit chocolate shake with coconut milk.

3-4 – walk my dog

4 – bottle of water and salad will spinach, greens, broccoli, onions, pepper, celery, cucumber, asparagus

bedtime – medication estrogen and progesterone.

I am aiming for 5 bottles of water a day and after dinner I am doing a lite yoga practice on Monday, Wednesday. Friday and a beginner kettle ball routine on Tuesday and Thursday, followed by taking my dog for another walk every evening.

So far I am feeling good and am not hungry at all. In fact, it is a struggle to finish the salad.

The protein shakes aren’t exactly tasty, but they are drank for fuel and not pleasure. It’s just like putting gas in your car. Drinking that shake is clean fuel for my body.


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