Hormone Reset: Day 8


I think we can consider week one of my hormone reset a huge success. I am down to 176.8 for a total one week weight loss of 9.2 pounds.

Yesterday I gave myself a bit of a cheat day. After a trip to the grocery store I treated myself to an overpriced small probiotic mint chocolate. It was yummy and later cleaned me out quite nicely.

I was planning on fasting the rest of the day, but instead I had some asparagus that I steamed in my NuWave oven and later about 1/2 a bag of Way Better pumpkin cranberry tortilla chips. I finished off with a glass of komboucha infusion before taking my dog for his evening walk. I also managed to down 5 bottles of water.

The Way Better chips really aren’t much of a splurge content wise because they include quinoa and flax seed, and of course the pumpkin and cranberry. I plan on buying these instead of potato chips after I lose the weight and go back to regular eating. The chips are flavorful and provide the same pleasant sensation of something to snack on while watching Rafa Nadal on my TV.

I’m out of Raw FX protein powder, so for now I am doubling up on the plant fusion. I went to both my local Kroger and Publix and couldn’t find any gluten free vegan protein powders. Everything I looked at contained traces of milk. Hopefully the hormone balancing powder I ordered from Dr. Sara Gottfried’s site will get here soon. Like, be waiting for me when I get home from work.

Last week it was meat and sugar. This week I will be giving up fruit and then caffeine. The fruit will be hard for me since I will miss my apples and grapes, but it is only from Sunday through Wednesday.

My yoga practices are flowing better and I am starting to be able to hold the poses a little stronger and longer. I think I might try a barre workout after the reset is complete.

9.2 pounds in one week! Yeah, we are on the right track here.


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