I had the most amazing experience this morning. After tending to my favorite dog sitting clients I saw a sign for a yard sale a couple of streets up from them. I don’t normally have cash, but they had paid me in cash this time instead of writing a check like the do most of the time.. So, I decide I’ll check out the sale.

As if a Sunday yard sale in Nashville isn’t weird enough, I pull up and they have a couple of tables of books, tapes, DVDs, and tarot cards. I’d already read several of the books, many of them new age and health, specifically about digestive health and clean eating. I decided to buy a book titled, Restoring Your Digestive Health, since as you probably know from reading my blogs, I have Celiac disease.

I picked up a book titled, The Power of Karma, and this lady across the table says, “You’re a seeker. I want to give you this.” She hands me a cassette tape called The Heart of Reiki.

I thank her and mention I don’t have a cassette player.

She says, “You can see me?” as if she is surprised.

Before I realize that she is a spirit and can explain that I am a medium, she flits across the table and hands me an old cassette tape walkman, saying, “Take it.”

With the walkman in hand. I now decide to get The Psychic Pathway audio book since Sonia Choquette is one of my favorites and a stack of meditation cassette tapes all marked as .25 each.

I go to pay and the woman running the yard sale doesn’t recognize the walkman. I told her the other woman there gave it to me and turn around to point to her and she’s gone. I describe her as being in her 40’s with long blond hair and kinda 1970’s hippy looking with a very loving and serene energy. She tells me that sounds just like her sister. I tell her about the seeker comment. She explained that all the new age stuff belonged to her dead sister. By now I have goosebumps on my arm as I tell her I’m a medium, but I am usually clairaudient and don’t usually see the spirits like that. She gave me all the tapes, saying her sister would have wanted that, and I paid her for the books.

I was so stunned that it didn’t fully hit me when I got home and realized that I think I have picked up a new spirit guide. I’m going to stop by there on my afternoon visit with the pups and see if the sister’s name is Lily, because that is what I am picking up on. And I think I am going to buy her tarot cards. I’ve never been much for the cards, but I have a very strong sense that this spirit will help me learn to use them.

Oh, and by the way, the walkman works perfectly.


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