Yep… we’re jumping on the bandwagon for a good cause… defending Planned Parenthood.

Here is a little FYI for the ignorant Republicans who want to take away the rights of women in this country. Abortions account for only 3% of the services provided by Planned Parenthood. In the days before Obama Care most women fresh out of high school or college didn’t have insurance. Doctor appointments without insurance are expensive. I know I wasn’t alone in the late ’80’s in not being able to afford healthcare when I was in college, or when I first graduated. In fact, I didn’t have a job where I elected to have benefits until the late ’90’s. During that span of 10 years or so I went to Planned Parenthood for yearly exams and for affordable birth control pills. Those birth control pills purchased for $10 a pop at Planned Parenthood probably kept me from having an unplanned pregnancy and the need to have an abortion.

In my previous incarnation Katie wasn’t fortunate enough to have a place like Planned Parenthood or birth control pills or the legal right to have an abortion. In 1948 29 year old Katie found herself pregnant and unmarried. Two huge social taboos against her in that day and age. Her job as a dancer paid well, but it also demanded a lot from her body and it wasn’t something she could do while pregnant. She also happened to be dating her boss who already had a wife and 2 sons. Yes, she was the mistress of a man who had plenty of money and lots of clout, along with the ability to make or break her career aspirations to someday own a burlesque club of her own.

When Saul, her powerful and married lover, said he’d arranged for everything to be taken care of, it wasn’t like Katie had a whole lot of options. She took a train by herself from Philadelphia to New York City carrying only an overnight bag and a purse with a few extra bills stashed in the lining. Saul took her out for a nice dinner that snowy evening and wooed her with a night of love making in an elegant hotel and promises of a shopping spree in the city once she’d taken care of their little problem.

The next morning Saul drove Katie in his Rolls Royce to a not quite as nice hotel in Yonkers, just a short drive from where he lived with his family in a Scarsdale mansion. He provided the fee for the procedure and left before the doctor arrived, promising to return as soon as it was over to take her back to the nice hotel in the city.

Katie downed half a bottle of vodka and as soon as the doctor arrived she swallowed the sedatives he provided after counting the bills Saul had left on the nightstand in an envelop. The vodka and the pills did the trick and Katie was out of it before the doctor even lifted up her nightgown. Saul came back to the hotel room and found Katie unconscious and the bed covered in blood. The doctor accidentally perforated Katie’s uterus and fearful of an encounter with a man the likes of Saul, he’d left her there alone to bleed out. Katie awoke fifteen days later in a hospital. What should have been a simple and safe procedure in the right conditions had almost cost her life. The perforated uterus caused an infection that spread throughout her body, causing her to have to have a hysterectomy that left her scarred both physically as well as mentally.

The doctor didn’t fare so well either. Saul made sure that that doctor paid with his life for hurting his mistress. The doctor was killed in a head on collision when his brakes failed on an icy road. There were some accusations that those brakes didn’t exactly fail on their own. Saul was confronted by his wife and she soon met with her own untimely death by motor vehicle.


Two people died and Katie came damn close to losing her life all because she didn’t have the right to have a legal abortion in a doctor’s office with proper equipment in place to prevent an accident such as a perforated uterus. She would have died if Saul didn’t have the means to pay for her to have the best hospital care. How many other improvised women weren’t quite as lucky? Trying to make abortions illegal won’t prevent abortions from happening.

I will close this story by stating: If you are against Planned Parenthood, you are against a woman’s right to affordable healthcare.



  1. Karen · October 1, 2015

    Please seek help. I believe you are truly psychotic.

    • Jezebel · October 16, 2015

      Thanks for stopping by and bless your narrow mind and mean hate filled heart. 🙂

      I see the following info regarding your identity: texasgal1@satx.rr.com

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