Demon Child is live on Kindle Scout


Please check it out and vote for us!

Turning sixteen less than a month before John F. Kennedy is elected president in 1960, Odessa is on a quest to come into her powers as a witch, seek emancipation from her abusive Pentecostal pastor father, and maybe fall in love for the first time with her best friend’s biracial cousin. All of this takes place in a small Southern coastal town not exactly tolerant of a fair skinned snake handling redhead associating with a family of Haitian ancestry and a lineage of powerful HooDoo practitioners.

The $1500 advance would be used to cover the medical bills for the Harry beast. He is a senior Golden Retriever mix who had to have some expensive surgeries on Friday. We are awaiting the results of a biopsy to find out if the cyst he had removed was cancerous. The surgery was paid for with a credit card that needs to be paid off as soon as possible, and there are going to be more expenses as he currently has 14 stitches in his leg.

When the book goes live you will also get a free review copy. This is my favorite of all of Odessa’s stories and took a long time to write. Your support would be greatly appreciated.



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