Jezebel Jorge is a practicing witch, medium, and a Reiki 2 light worker. She likes to have her genre described as Witch Lit – Sizzle and spice and some things Not so Nice.

Unlike most authors, the Voices running amok inside her head are sometimes spirits reaching out to tell their stories from the other side. Ghosts like to embellish just as the living, but there is usually a bit of truth entwined within her fictional stories.

Jezebel uses over twenty years of being around the inner workings of the wrestling business to make the pro wrestlers in her Ring Dreams series jump right off the page and into the squared circle. She takes you behind the curtain, immersing her readers in an industry where the truth is often stranger than fiction.

She lives in Nashville, TN with a spoiled rotten Golden Retriever / Great Pyrenees mix named Harry Potter and Odessa, a very vocal Spirit Guide with an affinity for snakes. Her special bond with Odessa is discussed in depth in their non-fiction title, Give It To Your Guide: How to Connect With And Accept Help From Spirit

Jezebel published her first short story, Hot For Teacher,  in 2010 with Xcite Books.

Hexed, her first full length novel was published on October 31, 2011. Since then she has added several titles to her Ring Dreams series.

In 2013, along with her spirit guide Odessa, Jezebel released two non-fiction books dealing with her connection to spirit as a medium and practicing witch.

She is sharing Odessa’s story in a series of ebooks with two short stories and a recently released novel, Fly Away.

Please visit the Books page for a complete list of all her currently published titles.

You can find her online at

Contact Jezebel


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