Writing Process

The Voices Inside My Head

Odessa’s Story

~ Jezebel ~

In writing terms I am a total panster, which translates into writing by the seat of my pants. My characters tell me their stories and then we go from there. Sometimes it feels like I’m merely taking dictation. These people come alive for me as they walk me through completing a manuscript. They talk to me even when I’m not writing. I have moments where I think, I wonder what a specific character is doing right this minute? Then it all plays out inside my head.

After listening to bestselling writer Jeffrey Deaver speak about his writing process I actually tried plotting Seances and Suplexes on chapter by chapter index cards and adding them to a Great Wall of Plot on a corkboard.

Courtney and Alex were so not into the idea. I fund myself changing out and replacing index cards several times a week. Courtney’s response was to tell me to “Just shut up and write already!” Alex is so pussy-whipped that he just nodded along in agreement.

So, I write what the voices tell me to write. I can only write when they want to talk to me. When they fall silent I get stuck. Usually Billy is the one who gets things going again. I am very grateful for my voices, for without them their stories would never be told.

With my young adult work I write from a first person point of view falling inside the head of my character.  In the process of writing SHATTERED it is Amalie who talks to me. I feel what she feels and I see what she sees.

My biggest problem is trying to get Billy to shut the hell up. He’s a notorious scene stealing and this is our first manuscript where he’s never been allowed to speak his mind with his own point of view scenes. First I sent him to Australia and and now I’m moving him from Charlotte to Nashville to keep him out of the story.

There is a tremendous pressure in writing in first person because I want to make sure the story is told from that one character’s perspective. It’s also very freeing because there is only one voice running amok inside my head.

I hope I am doing Amalie justice in telling her story the way she wants it told in Shattered.


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